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Logbook of an Unknown Artist | Paintings Of Animesh Roy

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Praktiker, Spading Fork & 15%

Praktiker, Spading Fork & 15%

Huffing and puffing I just managed to reach the mega store Praktiker...
I was told last time they give 15% off on the last 3 days of every month... Today being the last day of the month, was my day!!
I had missed it last month and today I had to buy that 'spading fork' for my garden and a PVC pipe for painting shipment packaging.
As I entered, only a few minuets were left before closing.. (They were closing early because of being the last day of the year)... I notice a coloured pamphlet.. My knowledge of Polish is scholarly... so generally I keep my eyes on the pictures or numerical (they use Roman). I could see a picture of an old-bearded-man and something about 10% written in large font... Anyway I had no time so I went straight to the gardening section and picked up a all metal spading fork.. a more reliable and hardy than the last one.. I recently broke one of it's teeth!! Being an expensive item, I have been biding my time... clutching this I went to the nearest counter and tried my best to explain about the promised 15% off' and how much I should now pay for this fork etc. The lady kept saying something and shaking her head disapprovingly which I couldn't understand... then she told me to go to the information desk...sometimes one can find someone who may know a bit of English.. 
There were many very busy looking men, the shop was minuets away from closing... I asked if someone speaks a bit of English... and started to explain...
One said smilingly 'yes 10% you can get but you have to be 60 years or more!' That's what the 'sale pamphlet' says!! And they added in good humour 'I don't look the part!!' 
I argued 'I was categorically told last time that they give 15 % discount on anything on last 3 days of every month' etc. And nothing about 10% for senior citizen etc!!  But they all disagreed! The 15% was only for last November. Somehow in my last visit I must have misunderstood.. It happens all the time..
I was really crestfallen... I had take time out to come on a cold frosty December evening.. .The spading fork and PVC pipes were something I really needed. Anyone who does a bit of gardening would know it is the most used tool !!
Then out of the blue one of them.. Maybe with psychic power came forward.. or he may have somehow realised मां लक्ष्मी*'s intense dislike for me! He asked if I wanted to buy anything more as they were about to close.. 
I told him: 'PVC pipe...!!'
'Go and get it' and started to scribbled something on a note pad... 
He said...  'He was the manager and he would give me the 15% discount even though it wasn't official'!! 
As today was the last day of the year and he wanted to end it for me and for him on a happy note!!

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