Logbook of an Unknown Artist | Paintings Of Animesh Roy

Logbook of an Unknown Artist | Paintings Of Animesh Roy

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Portrait of An Artist

What is Art and who is an Artist?

As a child these questions and answers would come and go in my head... It appeared from my surrounding that art or painting in particular is paint on a surface which depicts something which has an endearing quality... unlike in a photograph.
And one who was capable of creating this imagery was an artist. An artist to me was a magician... for he could create anything with his hand... images which looked startlingly familiar!!
Elders in the family would discus art and painting... they always mentioned artist had special talent... a gift you are born with... no amount of schooling, teaching would make you an artist. My father being a teacher would keep recounting that once while filling in for one of his colleague who was an art teacher... he sat with students during an art class...and once in while he would have to address their complain that so and so was copying from so-and so etc!! My father found it hilarious and explained that art can not be 'copied'... it is not a formula like in Chemistry, Mathematics.. or some answers form pages of History!! It is an aptitude, a skill... even to copy one would need loads of talent to do so!!
And I had it from the day I became aware of myself...
Though still very young I could draw and elders would be amazed at my skill.... In school(s) I always had a special privilege and was dotted by all... as I could paint and draw.. I was an asset. I could draw out a huge reproduction of a fish or cockroach for our biology teacher... before she took class or draw a complicated map or diagram for other teachers and subjects!! I could decorate notice boards and win art competition for my school. Having an elder brother many a time my teachers and classmates would not believe that I had painted it myself... "You didn't do that!! Your brother must have done it?" I could understand why my brother was needed for such a simple thing as drawing!! For me he could do which I would not dare to copy... putting my hand in electrical meter box and repair them... he had talent for all things scientific!!
In different schools that I went... I would quickly establish my importance due to this particular gift...
Everyone loved me... and my weak concentration in Chemistry and Mathematics was not punished!!
As a child it was my ability to create life like impressions of real image that drew all applause and awards... While others would struggle to get the pencil to draw a circle right... my painted apple would look temptingly juicy and real... just by a flick of my wrist!!
Then I went to art college...
There was an entrance exam for selection to this elite group!!
I was excited to be among the best and thought now on would be part of an art fraternity.... alas!!

Then came the realisation... the end of innocence... coming of age!!
Once in the art college I realised the ones who were there were not necessarily had any skill or aptitude for art or interest!!
Many had tried many things before and at last decide to try art as a profession!!
They were there for the money and glamour... Many girl students were there as they could get good husband and boys were there to get into the advertising world etc.

to be continued....

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